Preparation for Shipping

The customer is responsible for careful packaging of their carburetor project for delivery to Performance Oriented. Packaging recommendations are provided for in the "Standard Shipping Guidelines" below.  The customer is responsible for incomplete or lost components and in-transit damage during shipping.  The customer shall pay actual return shipping charges based upon shipping preferences, these return shipping costs will be presented in the Price Proposal.

Standard Shipping Guidelines

These guidelines are intended to help prepare your carburetors for safe transport to Performance Oriented. If you have questions regarding these instructions please contact us via email:

Surround shipped parts with packaging media inside an inner box and protect all six sides with packaging media inside a larger box.

  1. Drain fuel
    1. Remove float well drain plugs and hold carb body (horizontal with drain holes down) to allow fuel to escape. Remember to catch fuel in a tray and NO SMOKING!
    2. Actuate the throttle lever to pump fuel from the accelerator circuit. Hold carb body in several orientations (sideways, right-side-up, up-side-down, etc.) while actuating the lever.  Fuel draining and plastic bagging is IMPORTANT!  The smell of gasoline in a package is cause for alarm by postal authorities and WILL result in the aborted delivery of your project!
    3. CAUTION: Do not use compressed air to blow through fuel delivery passage ways or float bowl venting ports or you WILL destroy your brass fuel floats!
  2. Wrap each carburetor in plastic or zip-bag it.
  3. Surround each packaged body with "popcorn" and place into a single box; popcorn is preferable but other packaging media is acceptable.  Note that packaging media is to be placed between the body and all SIX sides of the shipping box.
  4. Tape these two boxes together to become one larger package.
  5. Place special instructions and shipping information in envelope and attach to the inner box assembly with tape. This precaution will help your project complete its journey in the event the exterior shipping information is lost in transit.
  6. Place the resulting package into a larger box and surround it with "popcorn" or crushed newspaper; popcorn is preferable. Note that packaging material needs to be placed between the inner box "assembly" and all SIX sides of the larger shipping box.
  7. When packaged in the above fashion the shipping weight will be around 22 pounds for a pair of Webers without intake manifolds.
  8. Write or place a second mailing address on the exterior of the large box in the event the primary shipping label is damaged or lost in transit.
  9. Request "Signature upon receipt" so you are sure the project has been delivered to and received by Performance Oriented.
  10. Remember to add insurance as desired.
  11. Shipping via UPS is preferable; if not then ship by FedEx.

Shipping address:

Performance Oriented

1040 Luradel Avenue S (a residential address)

Salem, Oregon 97302



Please contact Performance Oriented via email prior to shipment!

These Shipping Guidelines minimize shipping related damages that occur when poorly packaged components poke their vulnerable bits through the walls of cardboard boxes or damage each other due to lack of isolation.

Thank you,

Paul Abbott
Performance Oriented