Notice: As of 4April2018 Performance Oriented will no longer accept new projects.  This is due to impending retirement & the need to complete currently scheduled projects.  The resumption of providing service in the future is expected but the when is unknown.  Thank you for the opportunity to service your weber/Zenith/Solex/MFI projects!



Customers are assigned a sequential "Customer Service Number" after establishing intent to have their carburetors serviced by Performance Oriented.  After receipt of the carburetor project Performance Oriented will contact the customer and provide a basic review of the carburetors to confirm the shipment is complete and received in good order.

It may be convenient to reserve a Customer Service Number to allow use of your car until your service date is reached at which time you will be notified of the need to send your project to Performance Oriented.  Once your project is started you may expect completion in about two to three weeks.


Typical waiting period before service begins is seven months from date of issuance of your Customer Service Number.