Price Proposal and Invoice

When the project draws close to the time of the service, Performance Oriented will then provide an estimated schedule of completion along with a detailed project cost estimate, referred to as the "Price Proposal".  The Price Proposal effort entails a complete carburetor dis-assembly which includes throttle shaft removal.  If the customer declines the project then the carburetors will be quickly reassembled and packaged for return shipment.  A $200 service fee will be invoiced for the Price Proposal effort in addition to return shipping expenses.

Pricing and service descriptions are subject to revision at any time.  When generated for your project, the Price Proposal will utilize current price levels and project descriptions.  The Price Proposal is valid for 30 calendar days. 

When your project is close to its scheduled start date you will be invoiced for 50% of the Total as provided in the Price Proposal.  Once the 50% payment has been received, the pricing and scope of work as described in the latest Price Proposal will be fixed for the duration of the project.  Changes in cost to the project will be included in the Invoice.  Typical changes are due to the customer's request for additional service or parts and due to "discovery of issues" during the detailed service.


Payment schedule as follows:

  • A non-refundable deposit of $200 is due at the time of creation of the Price Proposal. The $200 deposit covers the cost of disassembly and generation of the Price Proposal.  In the event of project cancellation the deposit covers the expense of quick reassembly of the disassembled components.
  • A 50% payment of the total cost as presented in the Price Proposal is required at the time the project is initiated.  Work on the project will not commence until this 50% payment is received.  The customer will be notified at the time of project commencement to allow for timely payment.
  • Final payment is due upon project completion and is requested to be remitted within one week of the Invoice date.  Amendments to the scope of work will be updated and applied to the final invoice.

The customer will receive advance notification to enable final payment to arrive concurrently with the completion of the work. Projects are shipped only after the final payment is received.

Payments for completed projects are due within one calendar month after the Invoice date.

Final payment will be increased by 1.5% per calendar month after the Invoice date as an interest fee for each month the payment is delinquent.

Payment options:

  • Payment by cashier's check or by wire transfer is preferable. 
  • Payment by personal check or by business check: Shipment of project will be held until funds have cleared.
  • Payment by PayPal: Invoice Total will be increased 3.1% to cover PayPal service fee. 



Carburetors that are not from a running engine (components taken from storage or mis-matched sets, etc.) or suffer from corrosion issues, broken or seized components are subject to supplementary charges to be quoted at the time of receipt at Performance Oriented.

Replacement parts will be quoted based upon customer preferences and availability (new parts or serviceable used parts).

Inventories of Weber parts are readily accepted in trade for services provided by Performance Oriented; please contact us for further discussions.

Projects cancelled after dis-assembly, evaluation and generation of the Price Proposal will be returned to the customer in a coarsely assembled condition. The $200 deposit is forfeit for this effort. Return shipping costs are extra and to be paid by the customer.


Machine work and restored finishes are guaranteed for one year after completion of work.

Reused components if authorized by the customer are inspected and refurbished before Performance Oriented includes them with the rebuild but cannot be responsible for their service life.


Information and technical information within this website are for reference only.  Consult authorized factory manuals when performing repair procedures. By entering this site, you agree to hold Performance Oriented free from any liability arising out of the use of any information contained herein.