Services for Weber 40IDA3C & 46IDA3C Carburetors

We are committed to excellence in our services. Demonstrative of this commitment are:

  • Six throttle shaft journal bearings are installed into each throttle housing thereby ensuring optimum shaft support and minimizing uncontrolled air being drawn into the throttle bores during slow speed operation.

  • Fuel galleries supplying the idle and progression circuits are opened and re-sized to remove internal corrosion, a typical problem for slow speed running in these carburetors.

  • On-engine tuning and pre-adjustment minimizes initial start-up running issues.

Complete Carburetor Re-manufacturing: $3175

The "Complete Carburetor Re-Manufacturing" service returns your carburetors "ready to run" and equal in function to new Webers.

Details of work performed

  • Re-manufactures one pair of carburetors returning them ready to run

  • Complete disassembly of carburetors & ultrasonic cleaning of all components

    • Housings cleaned by:

      • Dip tank soaking

      • Pressure washing

      • Ultrasonic cleaning

  • Six, high-capacity, steel-infused, self-lubricating, sintered-bronze, self-lubricating throttle shaft bearings installed per housing

  • Throttle bores honed to refresh sealing surfaces

  • Six new, OEM diameter throttle valves installed

  • End-float of both throttle shafts in each throttle housing adjusted

  • Throttle housing bottom flanges are re-surfaced by milling for flatness

  • Bung holes for main jet holders & float bowl drain bolts are refreshed by machining

  • Bung holes for hex caps over float needle valves are refreshed by machining

  • OEM finishes are restored on throttle shafts and all removable steel components

  • Main venturis, booster venturis and accelerator pump bodies are vapor-blasted, buffed and blueprinted

  • OEM style, riveted 8mm ball studs installed on throttle lever arms

  • Brass components are de-burred, vapor-blasted, polished and re-machined for OEM appearance

  • Fuel floats are blue-printed for geometry and leak checked

  • “Hidden” fuel galleries supplying idle jets are opened, cleaned & re-plugged

  • Vent pipes in top covers removed, re-plated and reinstalled

  • Top covers modified to control float bowl percolation utilizing Performance Oriented developed methodology

  • New accelerator pump rods and lever arms (lever arms installed on throttle shafts) supplied as required

  • Accelerator pump bodies & top covers

    • blueprinted for geometry

    • re-surfaced for flatness

    • vapor-blasted and buffed

  • Throttle housings are bench tested for throttle valve flow parity at idling position

  • Assembly hardware kit including new float needle valves

  • On-engine tuning including adjustments of:

    • Idle air correction screws

    • Idle mixture screws

    • Throttle stop screws

    • Fuel float needle valves shimmed

    • All fuel interfaces checked for leakage

    • Accelerator pumps adjusted for output

Please note:

  • Jetting is assessed with regards to your engine particulars and for your driving application.  

  • If you are using IDTP Webers on a non-OEM specification engine then Performance Oriented will provide counsel regarding modifications to mitigate transition drive-ability issues.

See photo to identify what items to send to Performance Oriented for Complete Carburetor Re-manufacturing service


A pair of Webers after a " Complete Carburetor Re-Manufacturing " service.  Only those items shown in the image are to be sent for this service.  Note the restored finishes on those items readily removable for servicing.  This set is from a 1969 911T.

A pair of Webers after a "Complete Carburetor Re-Manufacturing" service.

Only those items shown in the image are to be sent for this service.

Note the restored finishes on those items readily removable for servicing.

This set is from a 1969 911T.

General Notes:

  • Scheduling:

    • We are currently scheduling projects for January 2020. To secure a service date please send an email to after which you will receive your Customer Service Number. Approximately two weeks prior to your service date Performance Oriented will contact you so you may ship your Webers.

  • Customer to supply:

    • Carburetors as depicted in the photo above.

  • Customer to retain:

    • Air cleaners and associated components

    • Intake air horns (unless restoration is requested)

    • Intake manifolds (unless restoration is requested)

    • Throttle linkages (unless restoration is requested)

  • Customer is responsible for performing final adjustments to tailor the tuning of their carburetors to their engine.

  • Please visit Standard Service Options below for additional carburetor services offered by Performance Oriented.

  • It is assumed the supplied carburetors are serviceable units removed from a running engine. Units with missing components, seized throttle shafts, broken jet holders or that are corroded and/or dirty may result in adders in the cost estimate in order to return them to service.

  • Packaging and Shipping:

    • Recommended packaging procedure:

      • Place each carburetor int its own box with appropriate packing material.

      • Tape these two boxes to be as one larger box.

      • Place this assembly of tow boxes into a larger box with appropriate packing material.

      • Have Performance Oriented sign for the shipment at time of delivery.

      • Performance Oriented prefers FedEx as the shipper.

      • Contact Performance Oriented via email prior to shipping to assure we are ready to receive it.

    • Address (This is a residential address.):

      Performance Oriented

      1040 Luradel Ave S

      Salem, Oregon 97302


      Attn: Paul Abbott


Standard Service Options

The following are optional standard services available for Weber carburetor projects. 

Throttle Housing Restoration Services

  • Machine throttle bores @ $250

    • Throttle bores machined 0.010" oversize to remove age and wear related distortions

    • New, hand-fitted throttle valves machined to match the throttle bores

  • Dry bead blast exteriors of throttle housings @ $225

    • Cleans up stained exteriors of throttle housings to look as new

    • Throttle housings are assembled and sealed from intrusion of blast media

    • Studs are protected from blast media

    • Ultra fine glass bead media used to avoid damaging surfaces

  • Dry bead blast entire throttle housings @ $425

    • Cleans up stained exteriors and interiors of throttle housings to look as new

    • Carburetors are completely disassembled including removal of all lead plugs and studs

    • Studs are removed and finishes are restored

    • All fuel delivery galleries for idle and progression circuits are opened, reamed to refresh the passageways and re-plugged

    • Tops of throttle housings and top covers surfaced for flatness and sealing efficiency

      Note: Bottoms are milled flat during Complete Carburetor Re-manufacturing service

    • All re-machined surfaces are de-burred

    • All threaded features refreshed by re-tapping

    Options for the $425 service:

    • Vapor-blasting @ $125

      • Throttle housings and top covers vapor-blasted after dry bead blasting

      • This finish is superior in appearance to that of the dry blasted finish

    • Alodine finish @ $100

      • Throttle housings are finished with alodine conversion

      • Period correct OEM finish for 1968 through 1972 year models

Restoration of intake air horns (Pricing below)

The intake air horns varied in type over the years of production of the Porsche 911 and 914/6 cars.  The earliest horns were spun from one piece of flat material and then finished with nickel plating.  Later horns were spun from a thinner material and were zinc plated with a yellow chromate finish.  Finally, beginning in 1968 injection-molded air horns were adopted for use and were either grey or black.

Performance Oriented offers restoration of the two types of metal horns:

  • Zinc plated steel air horns @ $85

  • Nickel plated air horns @ $195

Restoration of throttle linkage Set @ $225

  • Throttle cross bar straightened/de-burred/blueprinted for geometry and new 8mm ball studs installed followed by finish restoration

  • Drop links and long link straightened/de-burred and threads "chased"; ball sockets de-burred and threads "chased" followed by finish restoration

  • Link from transmission to bell crank straightened/de-burred and threads "chased"; ball socket de-burred and threads "chased" followed by finish restoration

  • Bell cranks (both transmission and intake manifold bell cranks) straightened/de-burred and new 8mm ball studs installed followed by finish restoration and supplied with new bronze bearings

  • Side mounting brackets straightened/de-burred followed by finish restoration

Throttle Linkage Set after restoration.

Throttle Linkage Set after restoration.

Restoration of OEM intake manifolds @ $375

Restored intake manifolds

The OEM intake manifolds are made of die cast magnesium (except for the very earliest version which were sand cast of magnesium) and were delivered without a protective coating until 1970 when they were painted with a very tough polyurethane finish.  Magnesium is particularly reactive to the combustion gasses in the intake tract resulting in pitting due to corrosion.  In addition to corrosion issues these manifolds are routinely distorted due to the pressure applied to their flanges during torquing of installation fasteners.

Performance Oriented corrects these issues during the refinishing process, which includes:

  • Removal of all studs and bell crank mounting shaft

  • Top and bottom surfaces machined to re-establish flat interfaces

  • Interior walls smoothed of pitting defects due to corrosion

  • Exterior finish blasted clean and black magnesium chromate finish applied

  • Exterior surfaces coated with protective, oil-based penetrant and corrosion inhibitor

  • Refinished studs and bell crank shaft re-installed

NOTE:  Add $100 if supplied manifolds are painted or powder coated.

Additional Services

Webers sometimes have issues such as: broken housings, seized jet holders, broken studs, blocked fuel galleries or stripped threads. Performance Oriented routinely repairs these problems so don't scrap your carbs without first checking with us. 

Click on the image below and scroll through some typical repairs.