Tech Sessions are now being offered on a continuing basis at Performance Oriented in Salem, Oregon. These will be conducted on the second Saturday of the odd months of the year beginning in March and concluding in September except for May when it will be the third Saturday. Class size is limited to seven people due to the lack of available space in my workshop. Duration of the class is from 9 AM to 4:30 PM. Bench racing and personalized discussions after the class are anticipated.

Note: Minimum class size is three participants. If minimum class size is not satisfied 30 days prior to the scheduled date then that class will be cancelled.


  • Weber history with the 911

  • Theory of Carburetor operation

  • Basic disassembly, component inspection, adjustments & reassembly

  • On-engine tuning with hands-on practice

  • Performance tuning and modifications

Morning and afternoon snacks will be provided in addition to a lunch service.

A 40-ish page, bound hand-out and an USB flash drive covering the content of the Tech Session will be provided for each participant. Each participant will receive an advance copy of the class material via email after receipt of payment for the class. Each participant will also have a sectioned Weber to help visualize the various passageways within the carburetor.

Price is $125 per person payable by check or by PayPal.

Dates for Tech Sessions for 2019 are:

  • 9March (concluded)

  • 18May (concluded)

  • 13July (open for two reservations)

  • 14Sept (open for four reservations)

Detailed explanation during 9March Technical Session

Detailed explanation during 9March Technical Session